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“Allow me to re-introduce myself…”
But, before I do, please feel free to listen to these real-life, compelling, captivating, and powerful stories from people who have trained with us.
Great inspiration to help you make a “Choice” to “Change”.

Regarding my own personal training over the last 30 plus years, I’ve developed something that I truly wanted to share with others. So, I did my research, I did a deep dive within myself to discover my passion, and now I am sharing and inspiring others who are looking to make a change in their life. To keep this simple…

I am providing an experience of a lifetime!

“I help people”
Become empowered with a sense of accomplishment; Develop physically, be functionally stronger and become mentally & emotionally fierce with the ability to handle anything life throws your way – “Live Life without Boundaries”

So, what does this all mean?

Let me explain…

“I help people”
Become empowered with a sense of accomplishment. Meaning, it’s that positive, confident, optimistic feeling you get when you finish with our training session. Sometimes, I refer to this as the “White Moment”. An overall feeling of empowerment and its riveting throughout your mind and body. Its part of knowing that you have accomplished something difficult within yourself. What I truly love about this sensation, is that it’s you who created it, on your own with just a little bit of guidance from your coach. This powerful emotion stays with you throughout your day making you feel invincible and accomplished. This is something we build upon each and every training session.

“I help people”
Develop physically, become functionally stronger. During our training sessions you will begin to see physical changes; like loss of inches or reduced body fat, or develop lean muscle. Of course, when changes of this nature begin, you also become stronger. Our programing is inherently designed to make you stronger with our strength segment that is part of every session. Recent studies indicate that strength training is now the number one sought after training regime due to its benefits with people in their 50s or older. Although, lifting at any age has its rewards, but after 50 it can change your life (Just like it has done for me).

“I help people”
Become mentally & emotionally fierce with the ability to handle anything life throws your way

I think of this as “the final result”. Yes, you will start to see physical changes in your body, but more importantly, a change in your mindset. A mental and emotional strength that aligns with your purpose. This is your true strength! You created this to carry within you for the rest of your life. Conquering all obstacles and not letting anything stop you from living your desired life.

Live Life without Boundaries
Providing an experience we are consistently building and expanding. This is what each of our training sessions is striving to do. It’s not just lifting weights (its building strength) it’s not just doing cardio (its building stamina and endurance), it’s not just moving load over distance fast (building mental fortitude) it’s not just training in a gym to lose weight (it’s providing you the tools to develop and carry with you for the rest of your life) an experience of a lifetime!!

Possibly, you are taking an interest because this is something that you resonate and connect with. But first, there are some questions to ask yourself…

● How am I limiting myself right now?

● How can I be more honest with myself?

● How can I change my image to reflect the person I want to be?

● How can I maximize my strengths? What are they?

● How can I minimize my weaknesses? How do I identify them?

● How do I need to change my beliefs in order to achieve my goal?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself, but this is a good starting place to begin in order to change. But most importantly, without a doubt, you have to take action. Yes, It’s good to talk and share with others regarding your intentions, but lack of action on your part, will put you right back to where you started.

So, if we can support you in your decision toward your best life, just CLICK HERE to let us know, and we’ll get right back with you or CLICK HERE to schedule a free consult

To Your Success,

Kipp – KALFIT Coach & Mentor

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