“My name is Suzanne Scullary and I recently finish my personal training classes with Aliya Lawson. 1st, I’d like to thank your company for offering this program. Without which I would have never had the privilege of working in a one on one setting with Aliya. I feel Aliya is an excellent instructor. While it was ALWAYS hard work, she didn’t make it unbearable. She was instructional, patient, encouraging, challenging and supportive. I learned new things which I’ll be incorporating into my personal routine. I’m also very happy that I’ll be able to continue working with Aliya in a class setting at El Dorado Hills. Anything you can do to prevent her relocation would be greatly appreciated. 😉 – Much Mahalo’s, Suzanne”

“I am a 57 year-old female who recently joined Pure Fitness to take some fitness classes and to try and improve my strength and body image. I had never belonged to a gym before so I decided it would be best to work with a trainer, especially since I had little or no idea how to use most of the equipment or what equipment to even use for toning and strengthening my body. I was paired with trainer, Aliya Lawson for ten, thirty minute sessions over five weeks. Thanks to Aliya’s professionalism, knowledge and patience I now know how to use all of the equipment correctly. She made sure I knew which ones are right for each part of my body and how to increase the effort with each piece of equipment over time. Aliya made me aware of the importance of overall fitness and encouraged me to take cardio, strength and mind and body classes in addition to our training sessions. She gave me tips, articles, recipes and exercises to do at home which prepared me for each and every training session. She emailed me after each session to review and be sure I knew what to expect from my body. Most of all, Aliya always encouraged me, and in just five weeks’ time I now have defined muscles, strength, renewed energy and confidence that I never would have had without Aliya’s help. While I have a long way to go to achieve what I want, I never would have gotten as far as I have without the help and support Aliya continually gave me. Even after our sessions ended, Aliya has made herself available to me for any questions or concerns. I can’t say enough about Aliya’s professionalism and dedication to her job.” – Lauren. D

“Wow that is such a change we all came to like you and your teaching ways and we will all miss you dearly and hope that we can see you sometime soon. I’m really going to miss you pushing me and I don’t think the new trainer will be as amazing as you are.” – Moriah. D

‘Thanks Aliya for teaching us, you are the best instructor” – Cami.S

“I finished my last personal trainer session with Aliya Lawson yesterday and I want to THANK YOU! This has been such a wonderful experience. I have never worked with a personal trainer before and I learned so much. As a result of the personal training and Pilates with Aliya, combined with the other classes offered by FitX at El Dorado Hills, I’m in the best shape of my life. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I have more energy and strength than I ever imagined. Having the third month of training with Aliya to look forward to really helped my recovery. I lost momentum during March and April, but with Aliya’s expertise, encouragement and patience, I feel better than ever and I plan to make physical fitness a permanent part of my life. Thanks again for this wonderful scholarship. It has really changed my life!” – Darliene. C