Our personal training program is collaboration between you and our coaches in order to identify your overall goal(s). Scheduling your fitness training with a professional means better results because your program is customized to your goals, decreased risk of injury, and provides the following benefits:

  • Burning stored body fat
  • Weight loss
  • Building strength
  • Toning muscle
  • Improved flexibility (super important for golf)
  • Increased bone density (proven fact of resistance training)
  • Better balance
  • Stronger heart and lower blood pressure
  • Agility, speed, and power for sports

KALFIT provides our clients with the knowledge, skills, guidance, support, motivation and educational resources that will allow them to explore their own fitness potential, as well as, enhance the quality of their lives now and ongoing. We offer safe programs, appropriate progressions and movement modifications, as well as, provide our clients with the knowledge, skills and exercise repertoire so that they can modify their exercise programs by themselves when needed.

All personal training programs include a fitness assessment, body circumference measurements, body fat analysis, and computerized reports to measure ongoing progress.

We specialize in personal training for special health conditions and recreational athletes that want to be at their best. Staying consistent, holding yourself accountable and knowing what to do are three of the biggest obstacles probably standing in your way.

Everyday performance for day-to-day tasks, sports performance, and athleticism are improved through personal training. All personalized programs contain a mix of functional resistance training (a.k.a. weight bearing exercise or strength training), cardiovascular conditioning, stretching and mobility.