Brand Promise

Holding true to our members, KALFIT offers the most successful training programs to become leaner, stronger, faster AND lose weight while strengthening a positive mindset to an active, energetic, functional and healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.


Core Values

Personal accountability:

Holding true to our members in keeping them accountable for their actions and behaviors in the gym and establishing good habits that will last them a lifetime.

Clarity and purpose:

Reinforcing the reasons in a positive way why they came to KALFIT. Establishing a clear picture of the direction they travel and showing them the journey to a new and better lifestyle.

Positive Mindset:

Giving our members the ability to address, handle, and conquer everyday issues that come their way during their life.

Overall, we want to inspire our members to live a new and healthy lifestyle. KALFIT is not just a place to get into a healthy physical shape, but to provide direction and guidance in order to generate a passion to change.


What is KALFIT’s purpose? Why do we exist? “To Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle and Live it”.